L. Antoniou Homemade Pastries LLC was founded back in 1985. It introduced new and innovative at the time high quality products like american cakes, muffins, scones, danish pastries either in a fresh or thaw-and-sell form to the Greek market. Its history began as a home-based bakery and currently employs 40 people while its headquarters lie in the suburbs of Athens in a 20,000 sq.ft.  facility.

Combining excellent raw materials, modern technological means and traditional recipes from around the globe, Lydia’s achieved a high level of recognition from most local and international corporations that currently reside in Greece.

Its clientele includes some of the most important food-related businesses in Greece including many globally known like:


  • Delhaize’s Group super markets

  • Yum Restaurants (Pizza Hut and KFC)

  • The Mart (Former Makro Cash & Carry)

  • Sklavenitis Super Markets

  • Starbucks Coffee Company

  • My Market Super Markets

  • Gregory’s

  • Simply Burgers

  • Juicy Grill

  • Hard Rock Cafe Athens

  • Burger Joint

  • Thanopoulos Deli Super Markets

  • Balaskas Deli Super Markets

  • Drakoulis Meat Markets

  • La Esquina

  • Barbara Que

  • Bullseye



Currently the company works in four major production lines:

  1. Dough Products (Cakes, Muffins, Phylo Dough Pies and Quiche, Scones, Bread and Brioche)

  2. Confectionery Products (Low Fat and Low Cholesterol Cakes, Cupcakes, Cheese Cakes, Tall Cakes etc.)

  3. Catering Products (Sandwiches, Frozen Sauces and Frozen Pasta Dishes for the Hotel and Restaurant sector)

  4. Gluten Free Products

Lydia’s grew more as it became a custom baker for its larger clients.  It is a service that we provide to our customers in need of making a difference in their shop shelves. The customer gives us a general direction and we create the products that can backup their plan and finally meet their goals. Our team of chefs, menu makers and food technologists take up the challenge until the customer’s goals are met.

Our company is ISO22000:2005 certified by TuV Hellas. Many of our clients have also certified our company under  their own individual certification companies. Our products are exported in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania. Since 2014 it is also certified by the  Association of European Celiac Societies for the production and distribution of Gluten Free Products. (Registration number GR-008).

We hope that you too will join our growing business family.

 Take a look around and don’t hesitate to drop us a call or an email with anything you would like to ask.

Yours sincerely,

Lydia, Danae and Antonis Antoniou.